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A Holistic Way to Clear Skin

Most people think of acne as a localized skin problem and resort to buying expensive creams or lotions hoping to rid themselves of their terrible breakouts. While it is true that skin care products are the fastest way to get active ingredients into your skin; it’s unrealistic to believe that products advertised to clear acne will achieve all of your desired results. 

Why do I Break Out?

If you suffer from acne or problem skin, you are also most likely suffering from an internal inflammation that is manifesting externally as unsightly skin lesions. This inflammation may be the result of some internal imbalance in your body’s systems like your immune system, your hormones and your nervous system. These often undiagnosed and unrecognized imbalances then lead to swelling and inflammation to the epidermis (outer layer of your skin) and your pores. This constellation of factors ultimately causes you to break out.

Why do I Break Out in Different Parts of My Body?

You can experience a breakout in different places: face, back, shoulders, arms, etc. The problem areas you may experience are a consequence of multiple factors, like moisture, oil secretion, and environmental exposures that create a “perfect storm” to initiate the conditions necessary for a breakout.

Are There Natural Cleansers I Can Use to Help Acne Prone Skin?

Your skin is an organ constantly exposed to the harsh environment in which you are exposed. It is important to keep the topical integrity of your skin as toxin free as possible. Topical astringents have been known to cause terrible dryness and irritation on your skin. It’s no wonder that the caustic chemicals used to make these products can wreak havoc on your body, let alone your skin. Your skin’s barrier is responsible for keeping in lipids and moisture while blocking germs, bacteria, and toxins from entering. The desired pH for your skin to work its best is at 5.5. This is slightly acidic where as many soaps and products are alkaline, causing inflammation and leading to breakouts. If you’re looking for any topical product, choose one that maintains your skin’s natural pH integrity at 5.5.

How Much Does Diet Affect Acne?

Have you ever heard the old wives’ tale that chocolate causes break outs? It’s certainly true! Chocolate contains caffeine-like chemicals that have diuretic properties. This diuretic effect causes a wasting of minerals from your body and can contribute to inflammation, break outs and many other metabolic imbalances. Furthermore, chocolate is full of sugar, and this sweet substance will lead to fluctuations in your blood sugar and hence overproduction of insulin in your body. Worse yet, both high and low blood sugars will cause your hormonal and nervous systems to work overtime and can lead to inflammation and break outs. Maintaining a healthy, toxin free, blood sugar regulating diet is instrumental for you to achieve clear skin and vibrant health.

Does Stress cause Break Outs?

When you are experiencing a stressful situation, your hormones, nervous system and immune system will respond to this stress and may lead to a major imbalance in your body chemistry. Stress directly affects your autonomic nervous system (ANS). Your ANS controls various functions in your body and is made up of two opposing branches, your sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and your parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). When you find yourself in a stressful state, the pendulum swings back and forth between activating your SNS and PNS. This stress related  instability in your ANS causes inflammation in your system secondary to the hormonal, immune system and nervous system effects of this imbalance and can lead to severe acne if left unrecognized and untreated. It is important to identify and minimize both internal stressors (toxic foods) and external stressors (toxic people, toxic environment, and toxic situations) from your life to maintain healthy, clear skin and a healthy body.

How can a Holistic Doctor Help Treat Acne?

Acne is usually symptomatic of something out of balance internally in your body. With a consultation with Dr. Rothman, he can evaluate your body chemistry and identify if you have any hormonal, immune system and nervous system imbalances that may contribute to your break outs. For example, during a female menstrual cycle your estrogen levels may fluctuate wildly. If you have an estrogen surplus, and simultaneously suffer from excess production of insulin in your body, this can bio transform your estrogen into testosterone which is infamous for problem skin. Your skin health is a manifestation of your overall health. Any skin symptoms you may experience are a consequence of underlying hormonal, nervous system and immune system imbalances. Working with Dr Rothman, you can indentify and treat these problems for healthy skin and a healthy body.

Are you suffering from problem skincare? Come in for a consultation with Dr. Rothman by calling, 732-268-7663 and discover the root cause of your acne.

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