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An Incredibly Simple Way to Improve Your Health for Free

You’re always encouraging your kids to get away from the game systems and phones and go play outside. But you never seem to heed your own advice. Spending time outdoors is one of the most important things you can do for your mind and your body. And best of all it’s FREE!

Here are 3 ways to immediately improve your health by going outside:

Breathe fresh clean air

24% of the general population has a gene that makes them highly sensitive to poor indoor air quality-which causes a severe inflammatory response 


The electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) from the sun has amazing healing powers – reducing inflammation, helping hormone balance, improving your mood, making your bones stronger, enhancing your immune system 


when you walk barefoot on The Earth, electrons from the planet are transferred through your feet into your body. These electrons have powerful anti-oxidant properties. 

If you make going outside a priority, it’ll automatically mean less time in front of artificial lights above and via our electronic devices. Natural sunlight is critical to our body’s health. Real, natural, unfiltered light in the form of sunshine not only provides immune system enhancing levels of vitamin D, but also helps regulate all immune system, hormonal system and nervous system activities in the body. And finally, you’ll feel better. Breathing fresh air, all the benefits of sunlight, grounding on The Earth, and some physical activity will help you relax. And if it gives you a chance to spend quality, healthy family time with your kids, that just means more smiles all around.

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