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Come Shop With Me! Healthy Food Shopping Guide

The most common New Year’s Resolutions people make every year were exercising more (46% said this was one of their resolutions) and improving their diet (45%).

With all the marketing traps claiming “All Natural” or “Heart Healthy” foods, it’s hard to navigate the store aisles and make truly healthy choices.

In this blog, we are sharing how Dr. Rothman, a board-certified Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and 15-year practitioner of holistic medicine shops for healthy groceries. He is also answering the most frequently asked questions about healthy food choices and grocery shopping.

Fresh Produce-

I purchase as much fresh produce as possible on every shopping trip.

Q: Are there certain produce you do not need to purchase as organic?

Almost all of the produce I purchase is organic, especially if you eat the skin like grapes.

Q: What produce is a staple on your grocery list and why?

Organic broccoli or other crucifers because they are easy to make, have a relatively long shelf life, and offers many health benefits.


Q: Which bread do you purchase, what do you look for?

The bread I select is any bread made with butter or olive oil. You will want to avoid breads made with Canola oil, which is unfortunately very hard to find.

Deli meat-

Q: Do you buy deli meat? Or avoid it?

I like deli meats which are uncured and made WITHOUT canola oil. This is also hard to find.

Pre-packaged food-

Q: Do you buy it, or avoid it? (i.e a very popular item would be rotisserie chicken)

No almost all pre-packaged foods I’ve seen are made with canola oil.


Q: What should you look for when purchasing chicken?

Unfortunately, most of the organic chicken is skinless, so I will usually get the “all-natural”.

Q: What should you look for when purchasing beef?

Look for Grass-fed and organic beef

Q:What should you look for when purchasing pork?

Organic pork


Do you purchase organic whole milk, half and half or heavy cream?

I would not recommend homogenized dairy products, even organic because the process of homogenization damages the fat. You can get goat milk – not homogenized, I will also get organic heavy cream.


What do you look for with cheese?

I only buy full fat, organic cheese.


Q: What brand butter do you purchase?

I buy organic butter, whatever brand is the lowest price.

Canned Goods-

Q: Do you ever purchase vegetables, beans, chicken/beef/vegetable broth, soup etc. in cans?

Only for emergency use.

Dry Goods- Pasta, rice, etc.-

Q: Do you ever purchase these, what brand do you recommend, or what to look for?

I look for the cheapest price

Jarred items like sauce-

Q: What do you look for or recommend? Or should you always make it fresh?

Be careful, read the ingredients. I like Rao’s pasta sauce.

Frozen Items-

Q: Do you recommend frozen vegetables, what brand? What do you look for?

I like frozen veggies for emergencies, and I choose organic.

Are you interested in my holistic approach to wellness? Come in for a consultation with Dr. Rothman by calling, 732-268-7663 and establish a better plan guaranteed to help you improve your overall health.

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