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Sarcoidosis is a name given to a group of symptoms pertaining to an autoimmune inflammatory disorder, which can lead to skin, lung, joint and kidney problems. Often times, sarcoidosis is associated with other chronic functional disorders like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), depression, anxiety and hormonal imbalances. As a sarcoidosis speciaist in NJ, Michael Rothman MD can help determine the cause of your symptoms and whether you can benefit from holistic treatment for sarcoidosis.

What Causes Sarcoidosis?

Once considered rare, sarcoidosis is now known to be common, affecting people all over the world. The disease can affect people of any age, race and gender, however, it’s most common among adults between the ages of 20 and 40. In the U.S., African Americans have a much higher percentage of sarcoidosis than whites, and it’s usually much more serious in African Americans. Sarcoidosis is always multi-factorial but most often caused by the following conditions.

Excessive inflammation

Inflammation is the root cause of many chronic diseases and one of the most common causes of inflammation is immune system problems related to exposure to a water damaged building (WDB) like mold.

Sarcoidosis patients are frequently genetically predisposed to biotoxin illness like mold and Lyme disease. These harmful, common biological toxins can overstimulate your immune system and contribute to “autoimmune” disease

There are many inflammatory agents in our food supply that must be strictly avoided if you have sarcoidosis. You may be over-consuming carbohydrates, especially in the form of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). You may also be eating too much fried foods, polyunsaturated vegetable oils, and food additives like nitrates, MSG and artificial sweeteners. These substances are highly toxic and cause inflammation.

Symptoms of low levels of vitamin D

There’s substantial evidence that sarcoidosis is one of the symptoms of low levels of vitamin D and vitamin D metabolism. Low levels of vitamin D can contribute to this disease, however many patients with sarcoidosis have hyperactive immune systems, which can cause excessive vitamin D. Excess vitamin D will increase calcium levels in the cells, which will activate the nerve cells and cause excess inflammation, leading to more damage. Calcium deposits in tissues like lung and kidney are the hallmark of sarcoidosis. These calcium-laden lesions are named granulomas. Therefore, vitamin D supplementation should be very carefully monitored. Special blood tests looking at various forms of vitamin D should be utilized to determine your needs. . Sarcoidosis specialist Michael Rothman MD can help determine what your body requires.

Food Allergies

If you have sarcoidosis, food allergies may be contributing to your problems. You may also have a high incidence of bowel flora imbalances with excessive levels of pathogenic bacteria and low levels of beneficial bacteria. Often times, sarcoidosis patients also have leaky gut syndrome. These imbalances can over activate your immune system and add to inflammation.

Holistic Treatment for Sarcoidosis

Only by finding the root cause of your symptoms through functional testing, including a metabolically directed functional testing, and environmental testing and remediation can your problem be solved. This is what natural treatments for sarcoidosis are all about. Holistic treatment for sarcoidosis shows great promise by reducing the factors that are contributing to your immune system problems in the first place. Instead of relying on conventional drugs with dangerous side effects, sarcoidosis specialist Michael Rothman MD will provide a whole-body, customized approach. By receiving natural treatments for sarcoidosis, you will experience a healthier form of healing that’s been shown to minimize the inflammation and autoimmunity and hence keep the disease from becoming a chronic, progressive illness that robs you of your health and enjoyment of life.

Dietary Recommendations

  • Prostaglandin Diet
  • Avoid toxins in the diet
  • Eat a balanced diet

Our medically supervised holistic treatment for sarcoidosis is rooted in our belief, “find the cause, fix the cause.” To learn more about sarcoidosis specialist Michael Rothman MD and our natural treatments for sarcoidosis, contact us online or call (732) 268-7663 for a consultation.

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