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Eggs – The Healthiest Meal You can Have Any Time of Day

It is said that back in the day, the pleats in a chef’s hat were said to represent the number of ways that the chef wearing it could cook an egg. 100 pleats is the ultimate goal and badge of honor to denote the expertise and rank of the chef. Eggs are such a healthy and versatile food and my go to meal whenever time is short or haven’t planned a meal to cook ahead of time. 

Eggs are a very healthy meal, because they contain significant levels of saturated fat, cholesterol and other important nutrients. Eggs do not contain any carbohydrate, and therefore do not tend to raise insulin levels, and is a staple in Ketogenic diets.

While eggs are extremely healthy, how you cook your eggs is the most important. Frying an egg, whether prepared over easy, sunny side up, scrambled or an omelet; it is all still fried. The extremely high heat from frying, alters the fat in the egg. Oxidizing the cholesterol, consequently turning  the “good fat“ into “bad fat”.  When you poach or boil the egg, you are limiting the temperature to the boiling point of water 212°F. In other words, you are not altering the fat in the egg at that temperature.

Also, the quality of the egg is also extremely important. You want your eggs to be as natural and wholesome as possible. The more natural the environment, for example the chickens are free range and are roaming outdoors, the better quality of eggs. If you feed your chickens a bunch of GMO soy and corn, the fats in the eggs become more inflammatory and less healthy as well.

Finally, while some may think eating only egg whites signifies a healthier alternative. This is simply not true, Egg whites alone is not very nutritious, not very filling, and causes an increase in insulin. Furthermore, egg substitutes are very poor quality proteins and should be avoided.

Some tips to jump-start your egg adventures

I eat eggs regularly and have been frustrated with hard to peel, hard boiled eggs. However, here is a great trick on how to make that job easier next time:  

You may think perfectly poached eggs can only be found in a restaurant, but follow these helpful tips and you can enjoy perfectly poached eggs every day:

And finally, this is a great party trick for your next gathering: 

Bon Appetit! 

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