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Importance of Good Air Quality for the Medical Marijuana Patient

As a patient enrolled in the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program, it’s evident that you already suffer from a debilitating condition. However, have medical professionals attributed other chronic conditions, such as asthma, anxiety, headaches, fatigue, leaky gut syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, etc. as side effects of the originating condition? As a holistic physician as well as a certified physician in the NJMMP, my immediate reaction would be to test for mold sensitivity and reaction. And given that you are already a medical marijuana patient, the importance of good air quality is essential to your health and life.

Here are additional facts supporting the importance of good air quality for NJMMP patients:

1. Many patients that qualify for the MMP program are suffering from inflammation related symptoms

2. 24% of the general population have genes that make them highly sensitive to environmental (airborne) toxins- these airborne toxins can cause inflammation

3. 80%-90% of patients that are chronically ill are noted (in my clinical experience) to have a genetic susceptibility to environmental toxins

4. A large percentage of patients that qualify for the MMP are suffering from a chronic inflammatory response syndrome related to environmental toxins

5. Any measure that you take to reduce your inflammation can help reduce your inflammation-related symptoms

6. One of the most important things you can do to improve your health is spend much time outside in fresh, clean, healthy air

If you do find that you are a mold susceptible patient, you can take simple, but powerful and effective steps to ensure you have good air quality. First, here are a few internal blogs you can review to educate yourself How I’m surviving mold: confessions from a holistic physician and 5 places to avoid if you’re mold sensitive. These few steps will eliminate enormous stress put upon your already taxed body and you should begin to feel some relief.

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