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Learn from A Doctor on How to Live Healthy

Now’s your chance to get up close and personal with Dr Rothman of Michael Rothman MD to learn directly from a holistic medical doctor just how much sleep we really need, how to reduce stress and more!

Are there any required sleep for adults?  What do you recommend?

Sleep is an extremely important part of our daily cycle and should account for about 1/3 of your day. You should get about seven to eight hours of sleep each nigh in a room that is as near pitch-black as possible.

How much do you sleep? Do you nap?

I sleep seven to eight hours each night, which is the required sleep for adults and I very rarely nap.

Do you recommend naps?

If you have a job or home situation (like young children) that hamper your ability to sleep at night, then napping is better than sleep deprivation. However, if possible, try to avoid napping because it interferes with your body’s “internal clock,” and affects your normal circadian rhythm and hormone levels.

What are your methods for reducing stress?

I like to stretch, do breathing and relaxation exercises, meditate, do a strenuous workout, go for a walk, get a massage and play my guitar.

What methods for reducing stress do you recommend to your patients?

I recommend that they learn techniques to breathe (like yoga, martial arts or meditation) and that they spend time each day engaging in some sort of relaxation activity.

Do you exercise? How much and what types?

I stretch every day for at least a few minutes. I also weight train, do sprint interval training and recreational activities (tennis, baseball, Frisbee).I go to the gym three times each week and do high-intensity, low-volume weight training. My goal is to get the maximum results from the minimal amount of training, which is what I recommend for everybody.

Do you recommend outside activities?

Yes, being outside has benefits when it comes to recommended activity for adults. Real sunlight is vitally important for optimal health.  Fresh air is invigorating and cleansing. And letting your feet touch the Earth (especially if barefoot) has a “grounding” effect that is calming and balancing to your internal systems.

Do you take a vitamin ?  Do you have vitamin supplements recommendations?

I take a high-quality bioavailable and bioactive multivitamin that most everyone can (and should) take. I also take special metabolically directed nutrients that are specific for my metabolic needs.

Do you prefer to eat out or cook your own food?

I prefer to eat at home because I have more control of the ingredients that go into my food. Unfortunately, most restaurant menus are geared toward appearance and taste of the food, and the bottom line profits for their businesses. A restaurant’s agenda is not in complete alignment with my agenda (which is to consume only healthy foods).

What are you favorite food spices?

I like various spices in my food. Many spices (if in they’re in their natural, unprocessed forms) have healing properties, as they contain special bioactive chemicals known as phytonutrients. Spices have been used for millennia by cultures all over the world for their health benefits. Unfortunately, too many spices in processed foods have been replaced with artificial flavorings, which not only lack positive effects, but are actually poisonous.

What’s your favorite holiday sweet treat?

I very rarely eat sweet items – perhaps three to four times each year, usually during a holiday or my birthday. I am very picky about the sweets that I consume. They must be “home-made” and use only butter or coconut oil. I especially enjoy cheesecake and ice cream.

What’s the healthiest holiday meal?

A home-cooked meal with plenty of wholesome, natural ingredients, made with love and affection in the company of those you care about.

Do you have New Year’s resolutions?

I don’t really make New Year’s resolutions per se, but the new year is a good time to reflect on my goals and accomplishments from the last year, and what I hope to achieve in the coming year. Most people fail miserably at their New Year’s resolutions. They may resolve to quit smoking or lose weight in the coming year. I believe something is worth doing, then just do it. Why wait for some artificial date to make positive changes in your life? If you want to change, then make changes today.

Do you think cleanses are a good idea?

Cleanses are a great idea… for people selling cleansing books, cleansing teas or cleansing supplements. There’s a lot of money to be made on the notion that “we all have to cleanse toxins”. Instead of cleansing, you should avoid poisoning yourself in the first place. Eat healthy, wholesome, non-processed foods, seasoned with fresh, natural spices. Get plenty of sleep at night in a dark, quiet room. Exercise vigorously three to five times each week, but don’t over train. Get plenty of fresh air and sunshine. Spend time outside with your feet on Mother Earth. Cultivate the ability to relax through quieting your mind, abdominal breathing and stretching your muscles. These healthy habits will allow your body’s natural detoxification and healing powers to manifest a healthy and vibrant you from the inside out.

From Dr. Rothman and all of us at Michael Rothman MD, have a wonderful holiday season, and a healthy and happy new year!

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