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Uncovering The Facts on Fish Oil

Lately, it seems that fish oil is synonymous with heart health. Medical professionals are recommending that you take it as a daily supplement to fortify your health and well being, however the vast majority of these practitioners are no better than “snake oil salesmen” as they are unaware of the full metabolic effects of “snake”/fish oil.

It is true that omega-3 fish oils may temporarily reduce symptoms of inflammation by counteracting the effects of excessive omega 6 (proinflammatory) oils. And yes, the omega -3 fish oils may temporarily lower blood pressure or serum triglycerides or slow down your heart rate or reduce abnormal heart rhythms. However, the use of fish oil is merely a symptomatic treatment and it doesn’t help find and treat the underlying CAUSE of those symptoms. So, in reality, it just masks any cardiac issue you may have, allowing you to believe you are feeling well, until a larger issue presents itself.

Here are a few more hidden facts about fish oil:

  1. The polyunsaturated oils (PUFA) in fish oil cause oxidative stress, free radical production then accelerates your rate of aging
  2. If you take fish oil, it can raise your “bad” cholesterol levels (LDL)
  3. Fish oil has the same active ingredients as snake oil 
  4. Fish oil can worsen your diabetes by changing the shape of your insulin receptors 
  5. Fish oil depletes the anti-oxidants in your body 

I believe and practice holistic medicine because I “find the cause, fix the cause” as the only rational approach to giving you a better quality of life. Unfortunately, too many well-intentioned doctors and practitioners try to treat your symptoms without finding what is causing your problems in the first place. If you’d like to learn more about fish oil supplements and heart disease, review my articles and blogs online or schedule a consultation by calling (732) 268-7663 to learn more about my holistic practice.

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