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Think Outside of the Box

Many patients ask. “Doc, what can I eat for breakfast?”

The problem, as they see it, is as follows:
They are looking for a healthy source of protein, but do not want to and/or cannot eat eggs every day.
They understand that the breakfast meats, like sausages and bacon are highly processed and therefore, unhealthy.
They are used to eating cereal, bagels, doughnuts, juice and toast.

My response is, “You need to think outside of the box”. Breakfast foods (that come in boxes) are notoriously, processed, prepackaged, fast, convenient and unfortunately, unhealthy.

We, as a society, have been programmed to eat these products, by the food corporations. If you want to eat a healthy breakfast, you must lose your dependence on fast, prepackaged, processed foods. (This goes for all meals, but especially breakfast).

So, what should I eat Doc?

If you are going to have a breakfast cereal, opt for one that is organic, whole grain and is NOT fortified with vitamins. “Fortified” cereals have been stripped of their real nutrition and poor quality vitamins are added back in. Avoid cow’s milk and soymilk. (These are also highly processed, altered “foods”) Use goat milk instead. Choose breakfast meats that do not contain nitrates or nitrites. Leftovers are a great alternative. Steak, chicken, fish from the night before are wonderful sources of healthy protein. Choose breads and baked goods that are whole grain. If you are gluten or wheat sensitive use alternative grains like spelt, or rye.

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