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Does the stress in your life cause you to overeat? Are you worn out but have difficultly sleeping? Do biological toxins in your home environment compromise your health and wellness? When it comes to your health, everything affects everything. If you are looking for ways to maintain good health, it is time you took a holistic approach with the help of Michael Rothman MD.

How to maintain your health with holistic medicine

One of the best ways to maintain good health and an optimal diet is to look closely at all areas of your life to see how everything is connected, and in particular, how you are overall health is affected. This is the essence of holistic medicine. At Michael Rothman MD, we will not treat your symptoms; instead, we will find the cause of your symptoms via our Metabolically Directed Functional Medicine approach. These individually prescribed holistic treatments will uncover and treat the underlying immune, hormonal and neurological abnormalities that are the true source of your problems.

How do we facilitate ways to maintain healthy diet and wellbeing? We first identify those factors in your internal environment (dietary practices, genetic predispositions, hormonal imbalances and metabolic imbalances) and external environment (biotoxin exposure like molds, hidden infections or heavy metals) that are the underlying cause of your existing medical issues.

Best Diet for Health

If you are wondering how to maintain healthy diet and achieve weight loss, you must consider your metabolic balance. If there is an imbalance in your body chemistry or your immune system is compromised, it is literally impossible for you to lose weight. Unlike most other medical weight loss programs, at Michael Rothman MD, we identify these imbalances—likely caused by a lifetime of exposure to environmental toxins, stress and denatured or altered foods—that can negatively influence your metabolism and make dieting such a frustrating endeavor.

Best of all, our medically supervised weight loss program will help the pounds to STAY off! You will achieve the desired results and lose inches in the usual problem areas while also learning how to maintain your health by reducing risk factors associated with obesity including high blood pressure, high blood sugar and elevated cholesterol. Moreover, for optimal diet results, we will help to repair your metabolism and improve your relationship with food. That means you will not have the cravings or weight gain so often associated with the conclusion of your diet.

We believe that “find the cause, fix the cause” is the only rational approach to giving you a better quality of life moving forward. To learn more about the ways to maintain good health, a healthy home environment and a healthy diet, contact us online or call (732) 268-7663 for a consultation.

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