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How Dr. Rothman Applies the Surviving Mold Protocol

Dr. Rothman explains the Surviving Mold Protocol, its importance to the treatment of mold-related illness, and his combined holistic approach.

The overall goal of the Surviving Mold Protocol is to help you survive mold (and other biological toxins). The Surviving Mold Protocol is based on the work of Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker and represents a paradigm change in medicine. Dr. Shoemaker’s “Biotoxin Pathway” published in 2011 illustrates a concise model of how mold exposure in genetically susceptible people leads to sequential hyper-immune responses, which contribute to myriad manifestations of unwellness.

Surviving mold requires that you become knowledgeable about how to protect yourself from it. Much information is available in books and online regarding the treatment of mold-related illnesses, and while some of this information is scientifically sound, unfortunately, there is a substantial amount of misinformation regarding treatment for mold exposure.

With all this information/disinformation, it can become quite confusing as to which doctor you will trust with your health. I have been a doctor for more than 30 years and a full-time nutritional/metabolic doctor for 13 years. Several years ago, I became aware of mold as the root cause of disease in many of my chronically ill patients. These were the “mystery” patients that never seemed to get better and whose symptoms would “come and go out of nowhere.” I had been aware of Dr. Shoemaker’s groundbreaking work for many years; however, until I spent time and effort going through the Surviving Mold Certification process, I did not have the proper training to fully appreciate the nuances of all the steps needed to help patients survive mold exposure.

If you have been exposed to mold (and you are genetically susceptible) you will suffer the inflammatory effects of your exposure. However, your mold exposure can also lead to imbalances in your metabolism, which lead to additional symptoms and problems. You must understand that mold exposure stresses the systems of your body, and this immune, neuro and endocrine (INE) stress leads to metabolic imbalances. These imbalances include autonomic nervous system (ANS) imbalances, acid/base (pH) imbalances, anabolic-catabolic imbalances and electrolyte/water imbalances. Many of your symptoms are manifestations of your metabolic imbalances expressing themselves on the tissues and fluids in your body. For example, if the pH in your tissues is too high or too low, you will experience pain or an itch or some other symptom.

My approach to the mold sickened patient combines key aspects of the Surviving Mold Protocol with metabolic therapy, hence offering a comprehensive, systems-based approach to the treatment of mold-related illnesses. My certification in the Surviving Mold Protocol ensures that I have undergone the rigorous training that Dr. Shoemaker demands of his trainees.

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