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Choosing and Cooking Meats in a Healthy Way

There is nothing wrong with eating meat. Meat can be an excellent source of minerals, amino acids and healthy fats.

However, there can be something wrong with the meat that you are consuming.


  • Mass produced livestock is fed on corn and other un-natural diets to fatten them up, therefore the fats in the meat may be affected by this.Mass produced livestock are given hormones to fatten them up. Again something to be avoided
  • The preparation of the meat is very important. The amino acids glutamine, methionine and cystiene are all very heat sensitive. They are also extremely important for health.


Buy free range organic meats, fish and poultry when possible. Large supermarkets like Shop Rite and Stop and Shop now carry “Coleman” brand organic beef and chicken, Also “Bell and Evans” brands are available. Shop Rite also carries free range beef from Australia.

When cooking your meats cook them as little as possible. Only when the amino acids are uncooked are they nutritious and healthful.

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