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Spot Fat Reduction (Lipodissolve)

Lipodissolve is a technique for reducing subcutaneous and reserve fat. Therapeutic agents are introduced into the region below the skin either with very fine needles.  Lipodissolve is an entirely nonsurgical method. It makes use of a regular Tuberculin syringe with a fine Gauge 30 needle (the kind used for injecting pimples) that is filled with Lecithin (Phosphatidylcholine) and an enzyme called deoxycholic acid . The solution is injected into parts of the body with considerable fat deposits. These fat deposits are digested by these agents and are then broken down and released through sweat, urine or feces, over a period of two –four weeks.

At the end of this time, approximately an inch should be lost in the treated area. Follow up sessions are carried out for areas with larger fatty deposits in order to achieve the desired size.   Lecithin (Phosphatidylcholine} and deoxycholic acid are what you would find in the bile produced by the gall bladder.  These agents are responsible for breaking down fats in our body.  This is why the treatment has minimal side effects. The advantage of lipodissolve is that it is directly injected into the affected fatty area, therefore speeding up the process of fat loss.

What is involved with treatment?

Injections are relatively painless and are spaced at 2-6 weekly intervals. Most patients experience a slight burning or tingling sensation shortly after the injection into the treated area lasts for a few hours. Redness or slight swelling may occur at the site for about 72 hours with some associated temporary bruising. Results can be visible within 2 weeks of treatment and many patients are very satisfied with the progress of the results after 2-4 treatments. Injections can be applied to the face for facial contouring, eye bags, chin area and so on.  Larger areas can be treated such as thigh, hip, stomach, upper arms and knees.

Keep in mind that Lipodissolve is not used for weight loss only for spot fat reduction.

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