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The Truth About The hCG Diet

If you think losing one to two pounds per day seems impossible, it’s time you checked out a controversial weight-loss program called the hCG diet. Medical professionals and consumers alike are constantly debating the effectiveness and safety of the hCG diet weight loss plan, but with countless success stories and claims of massive weight loss, you should learn the truth about hCG.

What is the hCG Diet Plan?

The hCG diet weight loss program is based on the power of hCG to improve your metabolism. hCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a hypothalamic hormone that, when present in the body in adequate levels, controls many metabolic functions. Combined with a special diet of 500 calories a day, hCG can force your body to utilize the stored fat in your body helping you to lose weight rapidly. If you’re wondering if the hCG diet plan is right for you, read on for some debunking of the myths and dangers of this revolutionary weight loss program.

Top 5 Myths of the hCG diet plan

Myth #1 This hCG diet weight loss plan is not medically advised

The hCG diet was developed in Italy in the 1930s and 1940s by the late Dr A.T.W. Simeons M.D. Dr Simeons spent over 20 years searching for the proper combination of hormones and foods to achieve unprecedented weight loss. This method has been used by medical doctors all over the world since the late 1950s. Hundreds of thousands of patients have safely and successfully used this diet to lose weight. The hCG diet effectively addresses the metabolic and hormonal imbalances likely caused by a lifetime of exposure to environmental toxins, stress and denatured or altered foods that can negatively impact your metabolism and your waistline. And since the hCG diet weight loss program addresses the root cause of your weight gain and sluggish metabolism and is medically supervised by an hCG doctor, you’re more likely to successfully lose weight and make those extra pounds STAY off. You’ll also reduce risk factors associated with obesity such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar and elevated cholesterol, while repairing your metabolism and improving your relationship with food.

Myth #2 The HCG Diet involves poor nutrition

One of the most important truths of hCG is that the plan is designed to severely limit caloric intake. Much of the actual nutrition that you will be getting will come from your own body fat. The diet provides for two servings each day of low-fat, high-quality protein, which is needed to keep you from losing muscle mass. The diet is only done for a short amount of time (four to six weeks) and is not designed for the long term. Once you are done with the very low calorie phase of the diet, you will transition to a different diet designed to maintain your weight.

Myth #3 500 calories a day is detrimental to your health.

It’s true that a low-calorie diet can potentially cause some problems if not prescribed and monitored appropriately by an hCG doctor. However, a trained physician will provide the knowledge and guidance you’ll need to successfully transform your health. You will find that with hCG on board, you will burn fat very easily. hCG allows for the utilization of calories from stored fat to fulfill your body’s needs. The only known “side-effects” of this diet are a gallbladder attack or a flare of gout (if one is susceptible to these conditions).

Myth #4 You don’t get enough protein on a low-calorie diet

Protein is a huge component of the hCG diet weight loss plan. The program recommends that you eat two 100 grams servings of chicken breast, white fish, lean beef or veal each day. Consuming two servings of high-quality protein each day can provide the essential protein and amino acids needed for sustaining adequate health.

Myth #5 The hCG diet weight loss plan is just a “fad” diet with no long-term results

Fad diets are just that –fads. These diets become very popular for a year or two and then are replaced by another fad diet. The hCG diet has been around for over 50 years. This is certainly not a fad! The hCG diet program, if properly administered by an experienced practitioner, will have long-lasting effects on improving your metabolism and enhancing your relationship with food. You’ll learn about portion size and about choosing more nutritious foods than you would normally eat. And the fact is, changing your lifestyle will help keep the weight off long term. You’ll find that as you start seeing big changes like quick weight loss, you’ll be highly motivated to maintain that new healthy lifestyle.

Still wondering what is the hCG diet plan and is it right for you? Contact a professional hCG doctor and find out how holistic weight loss can help you. He or she will give you a thorough checkup to ensure you can handle it, both physically and mentally. With such high success rates of the HCG diet, you could be in for a life-changing health transformation.

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