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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are Dr. Michael Rothman services covered by my insurance?

Conventional medicine operates on a histopathological approach, identifying disease patterns, naming them, and subsequently treating the symptoms via drugs or surgery. Some integrative practitioners might also incorporate natural products for symptom treatment. Such treatment is deemed medical practice, and only authorized medical professionals can legally administer it.

At Michael Rothman MD, our approach diverges. We evaluate patients for metabolic imbalances and address them through an objective, analytical method. Since we’re not specifically treating diseases and symptoms in the traditional sense, our practice isn’t categorized as a conventional medical treatment.

Insurance companies hinge their reimbursement decisions on histopathological diagnoses. Trying to assign a diagnostic code to a treatment aimed at restoring metabolic balance could be viewed as insurance fraud. Hence, at Michael Rothman MD, we don’t accept medical insurance.

Despite the absence of insurance coverage, we believe the merits of our treatment are profound. We provide financing options via Care Credit to make our approach more accessible.

What is Metabolically Directed Functional Testing and how do I prepare?

It is important that this test reflects your body chemistry without interference or effects from drugs, supplements and chemicals.

1. No Tylenol, Advil, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Aleve, Nyquil, Benadryl, or any other over the counter (OTC) medications for 3 days.
2. No coffee, tea, cola or chocolate for 24 hours.
3. No soda or other carbonated beverages for 12 hours.
4. No gum chewing, candy, cough drops, breath fresheners for ½ hour

Regarding the use of nutritional supplements:
1. Activator will not have any effect on the results and may be taken.
2. If I recommended a supplement for you to take go ahead and take it, however, you must know exactly which supplements you took. Please don’t arrive saying, “I took all the stuff you wanted me to take” I will ask you precisely what you took and when you took it. You must be prepared to give me a precise answer. This will expedite the process.
3. If you are taking supplements on your own (which you should not be doing anyway). Definitely DO NOT TAKE THEM for 3 days before the test.

Regarding the use of prescription drugs:
1. Try to limit your prescription drug use as much as possible.
2. If you take a drug in the morning, delay the morning dose until after your test (if possible).
3. If you take a drug in the evening, skip that dose the night before the test (if possible).
4. If you have any questions, call the office.

Please be ready to give a urine sample on your arrival to the clinic. However, Do NOT drink excessive amounts of water in the morning, drink normal, healthy amounts. Excessive water intake will affect the results.

What Should I Wear for my Appointment?

The doctor prefers that your wear a short sleeved shirt or a shirt that provides easy access to your upper arm.

What is the appointment cancellation policy?

New patients will pay a 25% deposit for their visit at the time they make their initial appointment.

  • Any changes for a new patient must be made at least three (3) Michael Rothman MD business days in advance or you will forfeit your deposit. Deposit payments must be in the form of credit card or cash.
  • Returning patients will be subject to a 25% cancellation fee unless three (3) Michael Rothman MD business days advanced notice is given. No-shows will also be charged a 25% fee.
  • Patients who are chronic offenders will be required to pay for their visit in full in advance (non-refundable).

At Michael Rothman MD, we understand that sometimes true emergencies arise that require last minute changes to your schedule. True emergencies will not be subject to the aforementioned fees.

Our services are very scarce and valuable. We strive to treat every person with great care, compassion and respect. We expect our patients to reciprocate by treating us the same way.

When should I arrive for my appointment?

Arrive 20 minutes prior to your first visit to complete a health history form, to undress, and to drape. For doctor’s appointment arrive 15 minutes to fill out health history form.

What is your return policy regarding purchased products?

Products cannot be returned if opened or damaged.

Is Investing in Dr. Michael Rothman Services Worthwhile?

You might be pleasantly surprised. While some treatments might have a cost, think of them not as expenses, but as valuable investments in your long-term health and well-being. Begin with an initial consultation, and we’ll offer a perspective on the potential value you’re adding to your future.

What types of payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept Visa, MC, Discover,  AMEX, Flexible Spending Accounts, Care Credit, and Cash.

We also accept Care Credit!

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