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5 Places to Avoid if You’re Mold Sensitive

Are you suffering from an immune system response to mold? Are you genetically predisposed to biotoxin illness (HLA susceptible)? For those of you who have the defective gene, your chances of having a mold illness (or other biotoxin illness) goes up enormously. In fact, research by Dr. Shoemaker, a leader in this field, has found that 95% of his biotoxin illness patients have one or more of these defective genes.

If you are suffering from an immune system response to mold or are genetically susceptible to biotoxin illness, you must already know that your best chance at good health is The Avoidance Plan. Published environmental research studies show that up to 50% of current buildings may have unhealthy environments. It is imperative, if you are genetically susceptible to mold illness, to be careful of any space that has already been tested and confirmed with mold activity. However, many locations that you may frequently visit have an increased probability for mold activity:

  • Libraries
  • AntiqueStores
  • Gyms
  • Basements
  • Old Schools
  • Old Churches
  • Old Nursing Homes
  • Daycarecenters

In addition, if you think you see mold or smell a musty odor or mildew, get away ASAP! Sometimes you have little choice and you may find yourself in a building that is water-damaged and contaminated by mold. In these instances, I highly recommend traveling with a personal air purifier.  This amazing technology is small, discreet, but most importantly, it emits an ultraviolet light that can reduce your inhalation of mold fragments, viruses, bacteria, fungus, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other airborne contaminants improving your personal air quality.

If you are mold sensitive, this sensitivity will put enormous stress on the systems of your body. Too much stress on your immune, neurological and endocrine systems will contribute to dysfunction. Therefore, you need to improve all aspects of your health. Improve the following habits to reduce other stressors on your body’s systems.

  • You should not: Consume metabolic poisons like sugar, aspartame, Sucralose, monosodium glutamate (MSG), pesticides and insecticides (used on conventional produce), GMOs, antibiotics, growth hormones, and unnatural diets (used on conventional farm animals), toxic inflammatory oils like soy and canola.
  • You should: Eat foods that are as natural, healthy and organic as possible. Use only organic butter, coconut oil or olive oil.
  • You should not: Over consume carbohydrates (breads, rice, pastas, starchy vegetables) this will increase your insulin levels. High insulin contributes to every chronic degenerative disease by increasing inflammation in your body. High insulin also changes your androgens (like testosterone and DHEA) into estrogens by stimulating your aromatase enzyme.
  • You should: Eat plenty of healthy vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, chicken and cheese – preferably organic.    
  • You should not: stay up too late at night and/or sleep in a room that is       exposed to light
  • You should: get to bed early, turn off your lights and TV and sleep in pitch black.
  • You should: spend time outdoors exposed to the healing power of fresh air and sunshine and walking barefoot on the Earth

Have you been exposed to mold?  Do you have weird symptoms or have been diagnosed with a disease without any or little relief of symptoms?  Contact Dr. Rothman by calling 732-268-7663 and establish a better plan guaranteed to help you get to the root of your symptoms.  

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