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Conquering Infertility – Finding and Fixing the Cause is not Inconceivable

It is estimated that 1 out of 6 couples experience difficulty getting pregnant. By contrast, only 50 years ago, women were getting pregnant so easily and so frequently that oral contraceptives were introduced to protect women from unwanted pregnancies. Birth control pills were so widely popular that after the FDA approved The Pill in 1960, the number of women taking this powerful, hormonally active drug doubled to over 2.3 million women within only two years.  At this point we must ask ourselves, what are the physiologic, genetic, or environmental factors that have contributed to this extraordinary incidence of infertility? Inconceivably, the vast majority of Infertility Specialists do not look for the root cause of your infertility! Instead, these highly specialized, allopathically trained physicians will employ high tech methods to try to get your uterus to accept a fertilized egg for implantation.  An alternative, more holistic approach would be to attempt to uncover the root causes of your infertility symptoms and then begin a treatment plan addressing the hormonal, immune, and nervous system dysfunctions that are impairing your reproductive abilities.

Unhealthy and Unnatural Infertility Treatments

Dr. Rothman rarely sees patients who come in specifically to treat their infertility. However, he has had several women come to see him for various ills like fatigue, pain, weight gain, headaches and other problems that became pregnant shortly after beginning their treatments for these seemingly unrelated problems. The first of these patients came to see Dr. Rothman several years ago. She was a thirty something year old woman and had previously gone through several unsuccessful rounds of fertility treatments over the prior 10 or so years. She and her husband had spent tens of thousands of dollars on these powerful treatments that included hormone injections and Invitro fertilization. These were ten years of suffering and heartbreak, a proverbial rollercoaster ride of hope and despair that took an enormous toll on this patient’s overall health. She and her husband finally gave up any hope of having a baby of their own, but now this poor woman was so sick, she came to consult with Dr. Rothman to see if he could do something to help her low energy levels, her body pains and her headaches.  

Dr. Rothman did a battery of diagnostic and functional tests to determine the condition of this patient’s hormonal system, nervous system and immune system. Even more importantly, Dr. Rothman recommended that she stop consuming diet soda, fried foods, all forms of sugar and other unhealthy foods. He also advised her to get proper rest and adequate (but not excessive) exercise. Within a week of changing her diet, lifestyle, and adding specific supplements to balance her body chemistry, she was sleeping better and her headaches, fatigue and pain were gone. 2 months later, the couple was happy to report that she was pregnant! She gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy. On top of this, three years later she had another child and remains fertile today.

An Unhealthy Body

Simply put, a baby will not grow in an unhealthy body. Most fertility doctors will spend an exorbitant amount of time and your money treating the symptoms of your infertility. Alternatively, by working with Dr. Rothman and his holistic approach, he will focus on improving your overall health. A healthy body is fundamental to create and carry a new life.

Stress, in the form of poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, an immune system ravaged by excessive stimulation from environmental allergens, and emotional turmoil is one of the largest factors inhibiting a healthy pregnancy. When you suffer from chronic stress, you will likely experience low egg or sperm count, and a lower libido. Ironically, because you are so frustrated and anxious as a result of your difficulty in becoming pregnant, you may experience even more stress. Under the conditions of excess stressors, your hormones can become unstable and instead of your uterus releasing progesterone (a hormone necessary to support gestation) your adrenal glands will produce the stress hormone cortisol.

One of the most important things Dr. Rothman will address is balancing your hormone levels. Many women who have difficulty becoming pregnant have diminished levels of progesterone as well as various metabolic imbalances in their other hormones, their nervous system and their immune system.  What is the main culprit in causing all of these problems leading you to suffer poor health and infertility?

An Unhealthy Diet

Research has shown that both eggs and sperm are very sensitive to the deleterious effects of pollutants and oxidative stress. To minimize such toxins, you must be sure to avoid food additives, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, pesticides, and insecticides that are unfortunately present in the vast majority of commercially available conventional foods. Adapting a wholesome, organic diet will be instrumental on your pregnancy journey.

However, even eating an organic diet, is often not enough to facilitate a healthy body. Unfortunately, if your diet is full of low fat, high carbohydrate foods that claim to be “hearty healthy”, you are actually causing your body to be unhealthy and out of balance. The truth is that all of your sex hormones (like progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, DHEA, and pregnenolone) and your adrenal cortex hormones (like cortisol and aldosterone) are made from cholesterol. Therefore you need to consume plenty of saturated fat and adequate amounts of cholesterol for health and fertility. At the same time you want to avoid foods that raise your blood sugar (leading to elevated insulin levels), foods that are fried, and foods that contain inflammatory vegetable oils (oils like soy oil and canola oil). These foods will cause your internal organs to become inflamed and your delicate systems to become imbalanced.

Furthermore, studies show that proper body weight is essential in order for you to become pregnant. If you are overweight you will have excess insulin, and high levels of inflammatory substances which biotransform your estrogen into testosterone, inhibits your thyroid function and diminishes your progesterone levels. All of these imbalances related to excess body weight can make getting pregnant difficult if not impossible. On the other hand, if you are too thin, you may have low levels of progesterone, estrogen and high levels of adrenaline which can also impair your reproductive abilities.  Healthy body weight as well as a healthy lifestyle is absolutely key to becoming pregnant and carrying your baby to maturity.

Are there any herbs, “super foods” or nutritional supplements I can take?

There are many old wives’ tales that say it is helpful to take a spoon full of cod liver oil every day or eat red raspberries because it strengthens your uterine muscles. Some people recommend green tea or baby aspirin because they have anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce inflammation in your body. Other herbs may be recommended to “balance your hormones”, “eliminate toxins”, or “increase egg production” to improve fertility. The problem is that there will always be some article, old wives’ tale, or advice to take this herb or supplement for fertility, but the key is to understand if these products will help YOUR fertility.

The bottom line is that if you are having trouble getting pregnant, you need to work with a doctor who can uncover the underlying factors that are the root cause of your infertility. This requires a personalized plan according to the needs of your body. By coming in for a consultation with Dr. Rothman, you can review your hormonal system, your immune system and your nervous system to and create a plan tailored to your own internal specifics. Finding and fixing the cause of your infertility is NOT inconceivable!

Are you having difficulty with fertility or looking for natural alternatives? Come in for a consultation with Dr. Rothman by calling, 732-268-7663 and discover a more holistic approach to your pregnancy.

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