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PM&R Podcast: Dr. Rothman – Metabolic Medicine

From the PM&R Web Site: Metabolic medicine is a fascinating paradigm to treat the individual patient. The individualization of care, everyone agrees, is the future of medicine, but the assessment and use of readily available patient parameters–things easily obtainable today–is still rare. Dr. Michael Rothman joins us today to discuss metabolic medicine and how he uses it in his clinical practice Michael Rothman MD in New Jersey. Board-certified in internal medicine and emergency medicine, Dr. Rothman employs a unique approach that tracks dynamic clinical and laboratory measures, such as urinary pH, to determine the underlying imbalances in his patients. The identification and correction of dualities is one of the core principles of this approach. These dualities are familiar to most physicians, but not usually thought of as directly treatable entities. Distinctions like sympathetic and parasympathetic, anabolic and catabolic, acid and alkaline comprise some of the foundational categories.

Dr. Rothman proposes specific life-style changes and the judicious use of lipid compounds to correct these measures with the goal of restoring health rather than masking symptoms. He also discusses one of his greatest influences, Dr. Emanuel Revici, a legendary physician in his time whose reputation and prescient work has largely been forgotten. Learn more about Dr. Rothman from his website at mdwellnessmd.com and his Amazon five-star rated book Edibolic Stress. 

Listen to the Podcast:

Listen to this podcast and more at http://pmandrpodcast.libsyn.com/

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