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Essential Weight Loss Tips You Can Start Following Today

Have you grown tired of that same New Year’s resolution to lose weight. Have you tried every diet out there? From bland cabbage soup to blending and juicing your whole meal, to eating baby food, nothing has worked. That’s because each of these ill-advised programs center around a very low calorie diet that can help you shed weight quickly, but that weight is not necessarily the hard to burn fat that you are really trying to target. Instead, you will be losing water weight, lean muscle mass, and some normal fat.

Here are 5 Essential Weight Loss Tips You Can Start Following Today:

  1. Avoid sugar – sugar makes you hungry, sugar increases your insulin levels, sugar depletes your vitamins and minerals impairing your metabolism 
  2. Avoid vegetable oils like soy and canola – these are metabolic poisons that will slow down your metabolism
  3. Eat no more than 3 times each day – do not snack between meals. Every time you eat your body goes into a “fat storing mode”. 
  4. Keep you carbohydrate intake low – no more than 20 grams of carbohydrates per meal 
  5. Eat plenty of meat, eggs, fish and chicken – the fats in these foods will help suppress your appetite 

Have you ever heard the saying that no one thing works for every person? This is also true about losing weight. This is why my approach to weight loss is metabolic balance. That is, there may be an imbalance in your body chemistry that makes it impossible for you to lose weight. Unlike other medical weight loss programs, I work to identify these imbalances—likely caused by a lifetime of exposure to environmental toxins, stress and denatured or altered foods—that can negatively impact your metabolism and make dieting such a frustrating endeavor.

You’ve been bombarded with misinformation on dieting on a daily basis. If you’d like to learn more about medically supervised weight loss, and learn how to take the weight off and keep it off, read my articles, blogs, and testimonials online or schedule a consultation by calling (732) 268-7663 to learn more about my holistic practice.

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