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Why Smart Devices May Not Be So Smart

What is the Wi-Fi password? I would like to debate that the urgency to always be connected is poisoning our minds, is two-fold. The more common notion is that social interaction is rare. However, have we really considered the dangers that constant cell phone usage, the endless wireless access points in our homes, buildings, schools, even outdoors in parks are having on our bodies? For example, have you ever had a headache after a long cell phone call, or felt exhausted after a lazy day in front of the TV? You may be suffering from EMF exposure.

Humans are electrical beings. Your heart status can be checked using an electrocardiogram (EKG); your brain functioning can be investigated using an electroencephalogram (EEG). Your bone and connective tissue healing and pain reduction can be facilitated by using a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) unit. These commonly used electrical medical devices demonstrate that your brain, heart, muscles and nerves utilize electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) in their normal functioning. Consequently, if these frequencies become distorted, they can really have an adverse effect on how your body functions.

How do these frequencies become distorted?

Have you ever heard static on a radio? The static represents an interference pattern between the signal sent from the transmitter (radio station) and the receiver (radio). This static (interference pattern) is the result of extraneous EMFs that distort the original signal. As we have discussed in previous blogs, natural EMFs come from the sun and other celestial bodies. Even the Earth emits EMFs. Some of these EMFs are vital to your health like certain frequencies of infrared and ultraviolet (UVA); conversely, certain frequencies can be harmful (UVC) to your health.

With new Technological Advances come new Dangers

We live in a modern world that our ancestors could only have dreamed about. We have television, radio, the Internet, Wi-Fi, “smart” phones, “smart” appliances, “smart” cars, microwave ovens, and a multitude of other modern conveniences. Unfortunately, these new fangled devices all emit unnatural EMFs that can interfere with your body’s EMFs and contribute to unwellness, poor health, disease and even cancer! In a study conducted by Dr. Lennart Hardell et al, and published in Occupational Environmental Medicine in September 2007, titled Long-term use of cellular phones and brain tumours: increased risk associated with use for > or = 10 years “users who logged the most hours on a cell phone had twice the risk of developing a brain tumor. And if you’ve used a cell phone or cordless house phone for more than 25 years, you were three times at risk.” The EMF transmitted by cell phones, wireless access points, routers, switches, etc. are known to alter DNA and brain metabolism. In young children, with higher levels of exposure, the risk of brain cancer is four to five times greater. Additionally, EMF exposure from these modern devices can affect your child’s learning abilities and cognitive skills.

What Can You Do?

1. Reduce EMF Exposures

Reduce EMF exposure as much as possible, especially in your bedroom. Do not have a router or access point in your bedroom. This is a place of restoration and repair. If you have difficulty falling a sleep or staying asleep, frequency from your router may be the culprit. Furthermore, do not watch TV or use a cell phone a few hours prior to sleep. In fact, limiting usage of your cell phone is recommended. 

You must be aware that almost any electronic device will produce EMFs including computers, lamps, cordless phones, and electric blankets and heating pads. A good “rule of thumb” is to disconnect all electrical devices when they are not being used.

There are a few products on the market that claim to reduce the deleterious effects of EMFs. I have personally used one type of product over the last 20 years called tachyonized cells.  These tachyonized products transform the disorganized, chaotic, unnatural EMFs emanating from electrical devices into frequencies and wavelengths that are much less harmful. These unique products can be applied directly to individual devices like your cell phone, but can also be used on your circuit breaker box to reduce harmful effects of EMFs from household electrical appliances.

2. Expose yourself to healthy EMFs

Spend much time outside, away from harmful EMFs, but exposed to natural beneficial frequencies like sunlight and the frequencies coming from planet Earth. Have you ever noticed how well you feel after spending the day at the beach? Walking barefoot, especially if there is moisture on the ground helps conduct massive amounts of electrons from the Earth into your body. This electron transfer helps to clear out the negative effects of harmful EMFs.  This is a method known as “grounding”, when you literally spend time with your bare feet touching the ground. Beware of products on the market that purport to be “grounding” products that you can attach to your bed. If you “ground” yourself to the unnatural EMFs coming from your home, you will actually amplify the negative effects of the EMFs.

3. Improve your overall health

Unnatural EMFs are yet another form of stress that adversely affects your health. Proper diet, attention to healthy sleep cycles and maintaining clean air quality can go a long way in boosting your body’s immune system, neurological systems and endocrine systems defenses against unnatural EMFs.  Incorporate these seven simple habits immediately into your daily routine.

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